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True dat

100% true.

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If this doesn’t make you smile, you’re dead.

Wonderful. I smiled, I laughed, I even almost cried (I’m sort of emotional today). Watch and be happy!

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C’mon, get happy

One of the many things I’ve learned from Gabrielle Bernstein is that we can connect with spirit in almost unlimited ways. I feel connected when I’m in the midst of a great workout, when I’m relaxed and walking down a block of pretty brownstones on a sunny day, when I’ve managed to quiet my mind during meditation — and when I’m listening to music.

In a recent blog post, Gabby recommended creating a playlist of songs that make you happy. I’m always looking to switch up my music routines, and if there’s a way I can do that without dropping $20 in the iTunes store I’ll take up the suggestion. So I made a happy playlist and it rocks. I’m not much of a music snob, so I never have a problem with cheesy songs. But even if you are kind of a music snob, let it go this once. Embrace the Jessica Simpson in your iTunes.

Here’s my current happy playlist, in no particular order because I currently have it set to “shuffle”:

* Having a Party — Sam Cooke

* 1901 — Phoenix

* Higher Love — Steve Winwood

* Mad Season — Matchbox 20

* Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ — Hanson

* Epistemology — M. Ward

* Amazing — Josh Kelley

* Dog Days Are Over — Florence and the Machine

* Got My Mind Set On You — George Harrison

* Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show — Neil Diamond

* Don’t Worry Baby — The Beach Boys

* Mexico — James Taylor

* Sledgehammer — Peter Gabriel

* Teenage Dream — Glee cast

* Get Off My Cloud — Rolling Stones

* Wasting Time — Jack Johnson

* Your Body is a Wonderland — John Mayer

* Love Train — The O’Jays

* Catch My Disease — Ben Lee

* Someone to Call My Lover — Janet Jackson

* Everyday People — Sly & the Family Stone

* I Think I’m in Love with You — Jessica Simpson (I still want to BE her in this video. The hairstyle! The outfit! I want it!)

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Perception is reality

Last night, once I’d closed my laptop and turned off the TV and lights, and everything was quiet and dark, I found myself stuck in the muck of negative, anxious thoughts. I was worried about the future of my career, calculating upcoming expenses, and getting a little panicky and depressed about how I felt like my life was in limbo. I wanted to calm down and get to sleep, so opened the Bucky notebook Cristina bought me in Madison and made a list. It wasn’t a to-do list. It wasn’t a list of problems I needed to “solve” (i.e., mull over until I wished I had a Valium on hand). It wasn’t a ledger of purchases and checks I hope are in the mail.

It was a list of everything in my life that’s good. I wrote a short paragraph about each one, adding details and letting myself feel grateful and inspired. I included little things—small, positive changes I’ve made, like flossing every day (go me)—because the little things make a big difference. Keeping up with my good routines keeps me productive, structured and motivated. When I finished the list, I felt calmer and happier. I realized my life isn’t in limbo at all. Sure, there are plenty of unanswered questions—but that will always be the case. And it’s a good thing (who wants to have everything figured out?). I’ll always have debts and expenses, but I keep up with them and spend my money wisely. My career is finally headed in the direction I want, and I’ve recently accomplished some things professionally that I’m really proud of. My friendships are strong and solid and my family is keepin’ on.

I recommend making a “good things” list. It doesn’t even have to be a list. You can just free-write, or make one of those cool brainstorming clouds no one makes after creative writing class in tenth grade. But I encourage everyone to do it, and to take it seriously. The challenges of life are real, and sometimes it’s all you can do to just take care of things and cope. However, we all always have things to be grateful for, and making that list helps shift your perception. And it’s kind of awesome how quickly your perception can become your reality. Like a certain self-help author I know says, happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy.

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happiness is a choice

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This is super cute.

spytapurlesque: If you were having a bad day, that’s all over now.

When baby Embry acts like a little monster, his mom puts on Florence and the Machine’s hit ‘Dog Days Are Over,’ and he immediately turns that frown upside down.

Embry transforms from grumpy to calm when the song starts, and he’s in a full-on baby dance freakout by the time the handclapping chorus kicks in. Just don’t turn the music down or let the song end, because that sends the baby back into a tiny little fit. 

More: Grumpy Baby Dances to Florence and the Machine’s ‘Dog Days Are Over’ (The One) - Urlesque

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By Bill Watterson

Published on 12th April 1989

Calvin, most delightful six-year-old ever to exist, demonstrates the only meaningful way to use an umbrella.

Seriously, it’s 2010, and we still use umbrellas. Umbrellas, which render one of your hands useless and make it impossible to simultaneously drink a bev and talk on your phone while walking in the rain. Umbrellas, which offer no protection against the psycho rain of Manhattan.

I demand personal hovering force fields NOW or I will stop paying my taxes and let the Boomers fend for themselves in retirement.

But, yay umbrella pool!

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I’m curled up in bed watching my second-favorite Christmas movie of all time…

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